About VEX

Vex Real Estate,  as a company, is the essence of a long professional trajectory of help, service and representation to clients, formed by a multidisciplinary team. A team that, with the union, commitment and participation of its own, and of companies dedicated to the real estate sector, during the last 25 years, has obtained an experience and training that is now applied in VEX Real Estate to bring them the services of greater added value and result in the needs that our clients need. Your satisfaction is our objective.

Vex Real Estate was born with a marked character of professional style and American concept, in which the customer, consumer, user, even above our own interests, not in vain VEX Real Estate managers have received training for a long time from the greatest international trainers, and attended the largest real estate events in the United States and caught the attention of the large networks of that country.

Good professional qualification and training are expensive, yes. But much more expensive is ignorance.

One of our main pillars on which our company is based are the values and principles of giving our clients the best accompaniment and representation.

Vex Real Estate bases its success and being repeatedly chosen by buyers and sellers on fundamental pillars such as training, marketing, technology and ethics.

  • Our teams are continuously trained in the latest technologies in marketing, applied to the sector. They receive technical, commercial and legal training in order to have teams of professionals permanently updated in their knowledge.
  • We apply offline and online marketing techniques on a large scale and also farming, we have our own and external teams that work closely together in these tasks. We develop marketing plans adapted to each case, being a personalized work for each client.
  • We have an ERP and CRM system that helps our professional agents to control their tasks and achieve their goals. Our systems are compatible with all the portals, and we export the information for a greater propagation of the product. We have a back office and front-office of our systems and websites.
  • Ethics, we belong to the main professional associations and groups of our sector, and specifically, our agents are certified through SIRA (Spanish International Realty Alliance, SIRA-training-leader-Spanish-International-Realty-Alliance), in the designation CRS (https://crs.com/) being at the same time REALTOR members (https://www.).realtor.com/), our philosophy of learning and lifelong learning commits us permanently and as part of our DNA, to how we deal with you, with ethical content, strong principles and strong professional and personal values, and that we exceed our clients expectation in everything we do.

All these are sufficient reasons for our clients to find in VEX Real Estate a service that adapts to their needs. Quality services, provided by professionals and with the guarantees and means according to our times. A young, multidisciplinary team, formed, with experience and desire to be at the height of each case.

VEX REAL ESTATE is undoubtedly the perfect choice when buying or selling a property.

100 % Guaranteed

The success of Vex Real Estate is not the result of chance.

Our sales services are 100% guaranteed and we give it to you in writing.

Once the selling owner(s) entrusts us with the sale of their property, whatever it may be, you can rest assured that we will use an organised and patented sales system to achieve the success of the common objective of the sale.

One of the attractions of the VEX Real Estate sales system is that we commit ourselves in writing. We are so sure of fulfilling our services and the common objective that will unite us, that if we do not fulfill the acquired commitments, you can solve the contract of representation of sale.

If your VEX dealer fails to fulfil just one of the commitments, you will have the right to terminate the contract for the management of your property.

Our Promise includes 16 Main Points

  1. Carry out an ACM of your property a comparative market study, to know the competitiveness of your property, through a study that will take into account: the precise characteristics of the property, the common areas, the supply of similar properties in the area, sales that have been made of similar houses in the area in recent months, the urban environment, schools, medical centers, leisure centers, in order to advise you and you can set the best marketing price according to the market and the target audience susceptible to buying your property. You will receive a valuation report.
  2. We will carry out a Marketing and Sales Plan adapted to your property, and personalized.
  3. We will advise you on the best way to put your property for sale, we will give you a series of recommendations to make the visits and show your house in the most effective way. We will offer you the option of using Home Staging, as a differentiating tool with respect to the houses for sale that compete with yours.
  4. We will make a photo-report and virtual tour, in addition to applying the Virtual Reality VR of your property, to make it known to our buyers and the rest of the local, provincial, national and international market.
  5. We will place innovative posters on the outside of your home, of excellent professional quality, in order to create a visual impact on future buyers.
  6. The whole team and the VEX Real Estate network will work for you from day one, to offer you the best service. And to fulfill the acquired commitments.
  7. Your home will also be marketed through the entire network of VEX partners. Your offer will reach as many buyers as possible, due to the diffusion we will undertake of the property.
  8. Thanks to our “Referrals and Recommendations” system of VEX Real Estate, we will put in contact buyers and sellers from different geographical areas.
  9. We will include your property in our free physical and online real estate magazine VEX Real Estate.
  10. We will advertise your property in the most relevant real estate portals and in the local, national and international press. Our marketing marketing is 360º.
  11. We will carry out direct marketing actions in the areas with the greatest purchase potential for your property.
  12. We will help the buyer to obtain the financing through our Mortgage department, helping him to obtain the most suitable financing so that he can buy his property, since we have associates of our own department VEX finance, commercializing financial solutions for buyers.
  13. We will accompany and advise you throughout the entire sales process. You will have our support permanently.
  14. We will represent you so that the closing of the sale is successfully carried out, negotiating on your behalf the best conditions. We are fiduciaries of your trust, partners of the success to be obtained from the sale, and responsible for your satisfaction and customer experience.
  15. We will keep you informed of the management, throughout the entire sales process, result of visits, comments from buyers and follow-up of contacts. We will deliver a communication program in which you will know in advance how, how much and in what way, you and we will be in contact.
  16. We work for you with total dedication and with an exclusive and preferential treatment.